Doris, my admirer.

Béquie's Miss

Meet my Miss, my mermaids, my pin-up girls, my sweet. All of them symbolize a moment of life, fragile, short but important and beautiful at the same time. Colourful, cheerful, or pensive, my missuses are the reflection of my feelings, my tastes, my life at a given time.
Of Spanish origin, I am attracted by light and bright colours. As a dancer, I like the rhythm in the composition and in the assembly of colours.

Passionate about decoration and shopping, the motifs of my dresses, cushions, sheets or tapestries are found in an anarchic way on my canvases.
The Miss's all named differently, maybe yours?

Would you like to acquire a painting or have your portrait stylized? Contact me!

A Miss in your effigy or with your pet? It's possible, I also do portraits on commission. Feel free to visit my Facebook account and to leave a message ... thank you!!

Maewen à Paris et au Panthéon, sont mes trois dernières aquarelles venez les voir dans la boutique !Boutique

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